Business Premises Unoccupied?

Are your business premises currently unoccupied due to Local, Regional or National Covid regulations?
These various regulations mean that a variety of non-essential businesses (such as retailers or leisure businesses) may be required to close or to further extend their current closure causing a short-term substantial increase in empty buildings.

Your business insurance policy will require you to undertake certain additional precautions during the unoccupancy period and you should refer to your policy wording for the exact requirements defined by your insurer, or contact us for advice and assistance.

The consequence of failing to comply with the insurers’ unoccupancy conditions could result in your claim being unpaid, so it is vital that you take time to check what is required.
Please contact us immediately if the outbreak has left you unable to comply with the policy requirements, as your insurers need to be informed and any arrangement with your insurers to relax or vary the requirements needs to be agreed in writing.

Throughout any period where your building is empty, or not fully occupied you must follow the requirements set out in your Insurance Policy in full.

Whilst you are assessing this, some handy tips from us are as follows:

  1.  The building is inspected internally and externally at least once per week.
  2. That refuse, waste and any mail is regularly removed from the building.
  3. The building is fully secured using all protective locking devices available, setting any alarms and activating any CCTV available.
  4. Ensure that gas and electricity supplies are turned-off at the mains – except any electricity required to maintain alarms or to run computer servers etc whilst working from home.
  5. Any empty building or empty part of the building has its water supply isolated at the mains and for extended empty periods that water and heating systems are fully drained-down.

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