Commercial Flooding

Helping to keep your business safe from floods and extreme weather.

Flooding is the most common and widespread natural source of damage to properties in the UK. Businesses and homes are more likely to suffer damage by flooding than by fire.

Causes include surface water, drainage, sewers, groundwater, rivers and coastal flooding. Serious damage can be caused to an organisation’s property, contents, production and its ability to trade.

You can’t always stop a property from flooding, but you can put measures in place to help minimise the damage and speed up recovery time.

We recommend taking time to assess your property, get prepared and plan for any bad weather. Events like flooding can be traumatic enough at the time, without having to worry about what to do and how to respond if a flood happens.

Ways to protect your premises

Before flood water presents a danger to your premises, there are a number of measures you can take now to mitigate the damage and reduce the recovery period.

  • Where critical machinery is on ground floors or in basements and it can’t be moved, protect those areas from water invasion.
  • If doing any repainting, it’s worth using waterproof sealant on external walls and water-resistant paint on internal walls.
  • Seal gaps in external walls around electrical and phone entry points or piping with water-resistant materials such as silicone.
  • If you’re carrying out any plumbing repairs, non-return valves in drainage pipes and on waste water systems will prevent sewage or water backing up into your premises.

Who to contact to stay informed

If your property is in an area prone to flooding, then you are probably already aware. If you are unsure, you should check with the relevant agency to help you assess your flood risk. You can access flood warnings and advice from the following agencies. It’s worth updating yourself regularly if you think you’re about to be flooded.

The Environment Agency (Flood warnings, river levels and flood risk maps)

Natural Resources Wales

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

Northern Ireland
nidirect Government Services

You can also visit Business Emergency Resilience Group or British Red Cross for more information on preparing for floods.

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