Code of Ethics

Brunsdon Insurance Brokers Ltd places the utmost importance in ensuring that all its employees fully understand and adhere to our procedures, by following the Brunsdon Insurance Brokers Ltd Code of Ethics set out in this document. This document reflects the corporate culture of the firm and sets out how our employees are expected to act at all times.

Brunsdon Insurance Brokers Ltd is fully committed to maintaining the highest standard of professional and ethical behaviours within the insurance industry. We have developed and regularly review our Code of Ethics to ensure it is robust, transparent and fit for purpose, meeting the demands of modern day governance, and the professionalism required by our regulators’ and professional bodies. Such governance and professionalism is entirely what our Clients’ deserve and are entitled to expect from us.

We ensure our employees acquire and retain the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver the highest quality advice, working in an ethical manner, placing the client’s interests first.

We have core values and business practices that align with the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) code of ethics and we adhere to the CII’s continuing professional development requirements, ensuring employees keep skill sets up to date. In the interests of our Clients’, our Service Partners, and our Employees, this Code is binding upon all our employees who are customer facing and/or engaged in regulated insurance activity.

By earning the trust of our client’s throughout the advice cycle and wider relationship and by ensuring that client’s interests are always at the heart of what we do, we aim to consistently exceed client expectations and to provide suitable outcomes for our clients’. To be able to demonstrate this, our Code of Ethics embrace the following Core Values:

  • Treating all our Clients’ fairly, and ensuring we put their needs and interests uppermost.
  • Providing all our Clients’ with clear information at all stages, and individual tailored solutions to suit their needs.
  • Providing all our Clients’ with clear advice on insurance and risk management issues.
  • Ensuring that all our Clients’ are provided with the promised and expected level of service and support in all aspects of our services.
  • Acting at all times with honesty, integrity and professionalism, transparency and openness, in the pursuit of excellence.
  • Our employees are aware of the need to ensure confidentiality of information obtained. Information must be protected on all occasions. It must be kept strictly confidential and not passed on to other parties without advance notice to the policyholder or other individual concerned.
  • Engaging with our employees to promote mutual respect, professionalism, integrity, honesty and trust in the working environment and valuing them.
  • Working with our regulators and professional bodies in an open, honest and positive manner at all times to ensure good customer outcomes.

Our Code of Ethics supports and embraces the Five Core principles of the CII Code of Ethics, which applies to all CII members and must be adhered to in the course of professional duties:

  1. Comply with the Code and all relevant laws and regulations.
  2. Act with the highest ethical standards and integrity.
  3. Act in the best interests of each client.
  4. Provide a high standard of service.
  5. Treat people fairly, regardless of:
    1. Race or racial group;
    2. Sex or sexual orientation;
    3. Religion or belief;
    4. Age; and
    5. Disability.

Our Code of Ethics is championed by our Director, who leads by example, providing the right environment to foster ethical conduct throughout the business, and in our dealings with others. We fully endorse the Code and demand that its standards are maintained by all involved in our organisation.


As a company, Brunsdon has always maintained a set of strict principles which we believe sets a benchmark standard for our industry. Our Core Values embody the fundamental beliefs of our organisation. These guiding principles dictate behaviour and can help our employees understand the difference between right and wrong. Core values also help us determine if we are fulfilling our goals by creating an unwavering guide.


Our core values call for us to act honestly, responsibly, openly, clearly and in a co-operative manner, showing respect to all with whom we professionally interact.


We develop every new initiative with our clients’ in mind. Clients’ interests and client confidentiality are uppermost and are always at the heart of what we do.


To honestly represent the interests of our clients and insurers and treat them fairly without discrimination and to actively promote equality & diversity.


To be plain, clear and sincere in the giving of advice and in everything we do and to act within the law and demonstrate the professionalism required by our regulator and professional bodies.


To be deserving of credit from both our clients and insurers.


We are committed to making every experience our clients have with us reflect the highest quality and to consistently exceed client expectations.


Attracting, developing and retaining the best talent for our business and ultimately our clients.


Respecting each individual and contributing equally to the success of the business.

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